Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the UHCC Virtual Career Fair

What is a virtual career fair?

A virtual career fair is an online event where organizations and participants meet in a virtual space (virtual booth), using video conferencing and chat boxes to exchange information about the organization and career and job opportunities.


What is a virtual booth and what will happen when I visit one?

A “virtual booth” represents the Zoom meeting an organization is assigned to host. In the virtual booth, you’ll be interacting with representatives from the organization via an “ask me anything” format and/or interactive activities.

I'm not looking for a job right now. Should I still attend the career fair?

Yes! We strongly recommend you attend the fair even if you're not looking for a job. Professionals across 11 industries will be at the fair ready to share advice, insights, and/or resources related to their industry or organization. This is a unique opportunity during challenging times to network, so we hope you'll take advantage of the fair.


What steps should I take to navigate this site? 

  1. Check out the list of organizations with virtual booths at our fair and make a note of which booths you want to visit.

  2. Look through the resource events held throughout September and make a note of which events you want to attend.

  3. Complete the registration form (by September 15) to register for the fair and identify which resource events and booths you plan to attend.

  4. Before the career fair, be sure to review any pre-fair instructions organizations requested you to complete before visiting their booth.

I don't have access to the registration form.

Double check if you are logged into your account. Only students, faculty, and staff with a account can access the registration form. Just in case you need it, here's the link to register for the career fair and any of our resource events.


Where do I find the Zoom information for the career fair?

All Zoom info (links and password) for the career fair and its resource events can be found in the email that will be sent to you a couple of days before each event. Just in case, please check your spam mail for these emails from

Can I visit more than one virtual booth during the fair?

Yes, you are encouraged to visit as many booths as you'd like during the two hours of the fair. However, please note, you can only be in one virtual booth at a time.

How do I go from one virtual booth to another??

You will receive more information on how to navigate between booths in the email that will be sent to a couple of days before the fair.

I'm not familiar with Zoom. Can someone walk me through the features so I'm ready to use it for the fair?

Yes! Please contact your campus career or job prep advisor for assistance on how to use Zoom for the fair.

It's the day of fair and I'm having trouble logging on to Zoom. Who can I contact immediately?

On the day of the fair, you may call 808-734-9066.

I have another question that's not on here. Who can I contact?

Please email us:

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